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UCL Grand Challenge of Human Wellbeing

Human Wellbeing Title


Introducing the UCL Grand Challenges
Since 2008, UCL's Grand Challenges programme has harnessed researchers' enthusiasm to engage with the world’s problems; provoked new and intense collaborations across our university’s disciplines; widened academics’ understanding of the relevance of their research; and stimulated productive interaction with policymakers, practitioners and community groups. Read more

The UCL Grand Challenge of Human Wellbeing considers the diverse factors that influence our sense of physical and emotional wellbeing, such as ageing, behaviour and social interaction affected by our biology, the environment (built and natural) in which we live, and how we relate to and look after one another. It harnesses UCL’s research expertise from across our academic community, including everything from philosophy, law, economics, psychology, architecture and art, through to health, medicine, neuroscience and engineering – and many other disciplines. 

"Directly or indirectly, well-being, in some shape or other...is the subject of every thought, and object of every action, on the part of every known Being...nor can any intelligible reason be given for desiring that it should be otherwise."
– Jeremy Bentham, Chrestomathia (1817)

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