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The UCL Institute for Human Rights (IHR) coordinates research undertaken in the field of human rights across UCL. Research work is organised around seven themes:

Human Rights Theory

  • Philosophical foundations of human rights – Saladin Meckled-Garcia (UCL School of Public Policy), Jonathan Wolff (UCL Philosophy) and Stephen Guest, William Twining and George Letsas (UCL Laws)
  • Interpretation of human-rights law – George Letsas (UCL Laws)
  • Scepticism and critiques of human rights - Richard Bellamy (UCL Political Science & School of Public Policy), Ronan McCrea (UCL Laws)
  • Economic and social rights theory; equality and human rights – Colm O’Cinneide (UCL Laws)
  • Legitimacy and authority of supranational human-rights courts – Richard Bellamy (UCL Political Science & School of Public Policy
  • Public-health ethics – James Wilson (UCL Centre for Philosophy, Justice & Health)
  • Human rights promotion and post-colonial theory – Ralph Wilde (UCL Laws)
  • Freedom of religion rights and secularism, Professor Cecile Laborde (UCL Political Science), Dr Ronan McCrea (UCL Laws)
  • Self-determination – Ralph Wilde (UCL Laws)
  • Social Rights; Labour Rights; Privacy - Dr. Virginia Mantouvalou, UCL, Laws

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Political Science & Human Rights

  • Human rights indicators
  • Human rights indicators and democratic indicators, Dr. Rod Abouharb (UCL, Political Science)
  • Empirical analysis of institutional practice
  • NGO Human Rights movements and agendas (Dr. Lisa Vanhala, UCL, Political Science)
  • Religion and religious freedom rights (Prof. Cecile Laborde, UCL, Political Science, 
  • Rights without constitutional entrenchment (Prof. Richard Bellamy, UCL, Political Science)

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Human-Rights Law: UK, European and International

  • Economic and Social human rights protections (Dr. Virginia Mantouvalou, UCL, Laws)
  • Labour Rights (Dr. Virginia Mantouvalou, UCL, Laws)
  • Law of the Human Rights Act 1998 and the ECHR – Colm O’Cinneide, Rodney Austin, Silvia Borelli, Ralph Wilde, Ronan McCrea and George Letsas (UCL Laws)
  • Extra-territorial application of human-rights treaties – Silvia Borelli, Ralph Wilde, Douglas Guilfoyle (UCL Laws)
  • Terrorism, emergency law and transfer of individuals – Silvia Borelli (UCL Laws)
  • Human rights in private law and conflict of laws – Myriam Hunter-Henin (UCL Laws)
  • Migration law and policy; refugee law – Ingrid Boccardi and Ralph Wilde (UCL Laws)
  • Freedom of expression – Eric Barendt (UCL Laws)
  • Freedom of information – Rodney Austin (UCL Laws)
  • Children’s rights – Michael Freeman (UCL Laws)

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Health & Human Rights

  • Public-health ethics – James Wilson, (UCL Centre for Philosophy, Justice & Health)
  • Cross-cultural issues in health; health and development – Nora Groce (UCL Population Health)
  • Women’s health – Raymond Noble (UCL Institute for Women’s Health)
  • Medical rights of asylum seekers – Cornelius Katona (UCL Mental Health Sciences)
  • Human rights of people with dementia – Maria Parsons (London Centre for Dementia Care)
  • Research ethics and bioethics – Sarah Edwards (UCL Epidemiology & Public Health)
  • Nutrition in emergencies – Andrew Seal (UCL Centre for International Health & Development)
  • Disability-related issues in situations of disaster and conflict – Maria Kett (UCL Medicine)
  • Global-health governance – David McCoy (UCL Centre for International Health & Development)
  • Medical law and ethics – Michael Freeman (UCL Laws)

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Archaeology, Anthropology & History of Human Rights

  • Forensic anthropology and human-rights issues – Roxana Ferllini (UCL Institute of Archaeology)
  • Transnational, transatlantic, international, human rights, and diplomatic history, Dr. Sarah Snyder (UCL, History)
  • Cross-cultural healthcare and anthropology of post-conflict societies – Alexandra Argenti-Pillen (UCL Anthropology)
  • Religious toleration in Europe – Benjamin Kaplan (UCL History)
  • Cultural history of detention and censorship – Jann Matlock (UCL French)
  • Conservation and indigenous peoples – Renata Peters (UCL Institute of Archaeology)

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Information, Security, Migration & Human Rights

  • Geography of political violence; political theory of terrorism – Alex Braithwaite (UCL School of Public Policy)
  • Information security – Ingemar Cox (Adastral Park)
  • Computer security – Anthony Finkelstein (UCL Computer Science)
  • Terrorism and the new constitutionalism – Rodney Austin (UCL Laws)
  • Terrorism, emergency, warfare and human rights – Silvia Borelli and Ralph Wilde (UCL Laws)
  • Records management and freedom of information – Elizabeth Shepherd (UCL Information Studies)
  • International migration, refugees, skilled migration and trafficking – John Salt (UCL Migration Research Unit), Ralph Wilde (UCL Laws)
  • EU migration law and policy – Dr Ronan McCrea, (UCL Laws), Ingrid Boccardi (UCL Laws)

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Built Environment, Business & Human Rights

  • Planning and municipal poverty-reduction practices – Yves Cabannes (UCL Development Planning Unit)
  • Corporate social responsibility and human rights – Nina Seppala (UCL Management Science & Innovation)

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