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Colm O'Cinneide comments on David Cameron’s pledge to repeal the Human Rights Act

The LSE Democratic Audit Blog invited Colm O'Cinneide, Reader in Laws at the UCL Faculty of Laws, and various human rights law experts to comment on the Prime Minister's pledge to repeal the Human Rights Act. More...

Published: Oct 13, 2014 2:53:08 PM

'Interpreting Bills of Rights as a Living Instrument’ lecture delivered by Prof George Letsas at Supreme Court of Mexico

On 11 September 2014, Professor George Letsas gave a public lecture at the Supreme Court of Mexico (SCJN). The lecture, entitled ‘Interpreting Bills of Rights as a Living Instrument’ examined the role of courts in developing and expanding the scope of human rights. Professor Letsas reflected on the need to evolve human rights standards in order to meet new, or previously neglected, threats to individual dignity. The lecture was at the invitation of the Supreme Court of Mexico (the human rights division), and was delivered on the occasion of an international workshop on the legal philosophy of Ronald Dworkin, organized by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). More...

Published: Oct 8, 2014 12:01:46 PM

UCL Laws PhD Student Awarded Modern Law Review Scholarship for Project on Human Trafficking

Third-year PhD student Inga Thiemann has been awarded a Modern Law Review Scholarship for her research exploring ‘A victim-based approach to Human Trafficking - hindered by patriarchal stereotypes'. She is one of two UCL Laws PhD students in receipt of the prestigious scholarship which is awarded annually to doctoral research students whose research is expected to make a substantial contribution to their field.

Published: Jul 11, 2014 12:19:59 PM

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