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From Theory to Practice: Religion and Discrimination in a Changing World 

Start: Nov 08, 2012 12:00 AM

Location: UCL Faculty of Laws


  • Professor Aileen McColgan
  • Professor Christopher McCrudden
  • Lorenzo Zucca
  • Professor Mark Hill QC
  • Guy Haarscher
  • Dr Myriam Hunter Henin
  • Dr Ronan McCrea

About this Conference:
The relationship between religion and anti-discrimination norms is increasingly prominent and controversial. Religious organisations and individuals both seek protection from discrimination but also, at times, themselves seek the right to engage in discrimination in the name of religious freedom.

The conference investigated the relationship between theory and practice in this area. In particular it looked at how and whether the principles underpinning  theories of religious freedom and equality have been reflected in judicial decisions to date as well as how practitioners are influenced by theory in litigating in these areas. The conference considered what theories the caselaw in this area reflect as well as possible future developments.

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  Religion-001, by Ramnath Bhat, available on Flickr

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