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Bidborough House
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Tel: +44 020 3108 8829

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HR Workforce Reporting and Analytics

Workforce Reporting and Analytics is part of the Human Resources Strategy and Planning team. The main duties are listed below:

  • Departmental liaison
  • Management of database systems and information management tools
  • Statistical returns
  • Workforce profile information
  • Staffing information for management decision making
  • HR systems access and security
  • HR database systems advice and guidance and help

  • Organisation Chart for HR Strategy and Planning
  • Service standards

Departmental Administrators can find a selection of information and administration systems at the following link

Name Job title Phone Location Email
Rachna Kayastha Head of Workforce Reporting and Analytics 020 31088880
Ext: 58880
2nd Floor, Bidborough House
Rashpal Liddar Senior Workforce Reporting Analyst 020 31088882
Ext: 58882
2nd Floor, Bidborough House
Nikoleta Pappa Senior Workforce Reporting Analyst 020 31088886 
Ext: 58886
2nd Floor, Bidborough House
Kemi Adedayo Strategy and Planning Advisor 020 31088839
Ext: 58839
2nd Floor, Bidborough House
Jessica Hau Workforce Reporting Analyst (Maternity Leave )
Gireesh Surapaneni

Workforce Reporting Analyst

020 31088084 ext 58084. 2nd Floor, Bidborough House