Service in Partnership Project (SiP)

The SiP Implementation Project closed on 31 October 2006 and has been succeeded by a SiP User Group

What is SiP

SiP is an Oracle based system which enables UCL departments to electronically submit the following forms to Human Resources and Finance:

• Appointment Forms
• Change to Appointment Forms
• One-Off Payments
• Leavers Notifications (inclusive of retirement forms)

SiP has been implemented under the auspices of the Admin Review Project as part of a series of initiatives designed to improve the efficiency of UCL’s administrative processes.

The main benefits sought through the implementation of SiP are:

  1. reduction in cycle times for processing appointments and changes
  2. facilitating services being provided reliably and to agreed service standards
  3. eliminating weaknesses associated with paper forms (e.g. delays in post; forms going missing; need to copy forms)
  4. incorporating validation at the point of submission and reducing incidents of incomplete data
  5. making the progress of requests transparent to user departments
  6. automating the tracking of requests and production of corporate and departmental management information
  7. improving written guidance and procedures
  8. creating a framework for training and induction underpinning the recruitment processes
  9. enhance audit control and accountability

SiP built on work initially undertaken by HR, Finance and Department Administrators in 2001-02. These developments are part of a wider programme of enhancing teamwork and communications being championed by UCL departments and corporate support services. Hence the adoption of the title Service in Partnership (SiP).