End of Contract Notice System
Guidance Notes for Departments

The End of Contract Notice System is a web-based tool allowing administrators to monitor contracts that are due to expire within 9 months from from the current date. The information is updated automatically each morning from Resource Link and every Monday morning departmental administrators will receive reminder email with an embedded link to the report. This document is an introduction for administrators who are authorised to use this system. The document focuses on:

  • login
  • understanding the report layout
  • exporting data as an Excel spread sheet
  • HR contacts for queries

Logging in

Step 1: Administrator(DA) / Head of Department(HOD) / Head of Department Carbon-Copy(HODcc) / Department Contact (DC) log in to the system using UCL ID and Intranet password (Image 1).

UCL Login Screen
Image 1: Login Screen at URL http://www.ucl.ac.uk/hr/services/contract_status/

Step 2: If the user is setup on UCL Roles database as any of the following DA, HOD, HODcc or DC, he/she will be able to view data (see Image 2 below) for their departments. Note that the above roles at a parent level can view data for its sub-units too. For example, department administrator for the Faculty of Arts can view data for department of Dutch, German, French, and other sub departments under the faculty.

Understanding the report format.

At the top of the report (Image 2), user's role and name will be displayed (see letter A on image 2).

Next is the Report Date and time(See letter B on image 2) of data download from Resource Link.

Descriptions for each table header on the report are accessible by clicking the link 'Click here for column heading description' near the top right of the report (see letter C on image 2).

Data displayed can be arranged in ascending order by clicking on columns titled family name, first name, employee number, grade, post ID, start date, projected end date, fund end date, latest review date and serve notice day (see columns with a red dot next to them on image 2).

Administrators also have the facility to exclude contracts less than 9 months in duration (see letter D on image 2) from the screen as well the downloadable Excel spread sheet document. Click on links titled 'Full Report' to view all data records and click 'Exclude contracts < 9 months' to exclude short contracts.

Data Report as seen on screen
Image 2: Data Report as seen on Screen

Downloading Report data from Screen

Data can be downloaded by clicking 'Export as Spreadsheet' button (Image 3)at the end of the report. Colour-coded rows will be retained in the document if visible on screen.

Data Report as seen on screen
Image 3: Export report as an Excel spreadsheet

A dialogue box will appear with Open, Save and Cancel options(Image 4). Click Open (1) option on the dialogue box to load report data in an Excel Spreadsheet or click Save (2) option to save data locally on the hard disk for later reference.

Please note that some browsers may have a higher security level thus disabling downloads from a site. Guidance on how to enable downloads on Internet Explorer can be viewed at www.ucl.ac.uk/hr/services/IE_options.php.

Dialogue Box for downloading
Image 4: Dialogue box for downloading data report


1. For queries related to posts, dates or other HR/Finance related problems, please speak with your departmental contact at http://www.ucl.ac.uk/hr/staff/hr_staff_contacts.php

2. Guidance on contract termination procedures can be obtained from your HR Consultancy contact at http://www.ucl.ac.uk/hr/staff/hr_staff_contacts.php.

3. Guidance on funding availability can be obtained from your Finance Division contact.

4. For technical problems such as UCL login not accepted as authorised role, data download or browser problems, please use https://www.ucl.ac.uk/hr/helpdesk/helpdesk_web_form.php.