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I am pleased to have the opportunity to re-affirm my commitment to the training and development of UCL staff, to give my support to the 2007-8 programme and to encourage you to participate fully in the training and development opportunities available. UCL is strongly committed to the development of its staff and we regard it as particularly important that our managers undergo management training. We have a target that staff attend at least three learning/training activities during the coming year. Indeed, the Research Councils now want early career researchers to attain the more challenging target of 10-days skills training each year to equip them for a research career.

The Staff Development and Training Unit is a terrific resource. It works closely with others across UCL to provide a training programme for all staff to update and enhance their knowledge and skills in order to fulfil both current and future work demands. The Unit seeks to be both reactive and proactive, with a flexible approach to staff development and training. Its activities include a blend of coaching, action and online learning as well as more conventional provision. Many of the workshops listed can be offered to individual departments on request. Heads of Department are encouraged to contact the Unit to discuss how it can help to support their own plans.

This year the courses are arranged to reflect the objectives outlined in ‘Excellence in the UCL Community, a Shared Endeavour’, the UCL Council’s new White Paper and UCL’s Management Competencies. A range of learning approaches continues to be applied particularly to support new staff; those getting to grips with new administrative systems and the many changes that will feature in the year ahead.


Professor Malcolm Grant
Provost and President, University College London