Contacting HR

1-19 Torrington Place
9th and 10th Floors
London WC1E 7HB
Tel: +44 020 7679 1843

Staff Category: Honorary (HON)


HOCLECHonorary Clinical Lecturer
HOCPROHonorary Clinical Professor
HOCPTFHonorary Clin Principal Teaching Fellow
HOCRDRHonorary Clinical Reader
HOCSLCHonorary Clinical Senior Lecturer
HOCSTFHonorary Clin Senior Teaching Fellow
HOCTCHHonorary Clinical Teaching Fellow
HONAFFHonorary Affiliates
HONCTHHonorary Clinical Teacher
HONEMEHonorary Emeritus
HONLECHonorary Lecturer
HONPROHonorary Professor
HONRASHonorary Research Associate
HONRDRHonorary Reader
HONRSAHonorary Research Assistant
HONSLCHonorary Senior Lecturers
HONSRAHonorary Senior Research Associate
HONVPRVisiting Professors

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