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Staff Category: Clinical (CLI)

This category is for all UCL clinical academic and research appointments. It should be noted that Clinical Scientists are included in the NHS Related category.

CLICONClinical Consultant
CLIDENDental Lecturer
CLILECClinical Lecturer
CLIPRAPrincipal Clinical Research Associate
CLIPRFPrincipal Clinical Research Fellow
CLIPROClinical Professor
CLIPTFPrincipal Clinical Teaching Fellow
CLIRDNDental Reader
CLIRDRClinical Reader
CLIRESClinical Research Associate
CLIRSFClinical Research Fellow
CLISCIClinical Scientist
CLISDNSenior Dental Lecturer
CLISLCClinical Senior Lecturer
CLISRASenior Clinical Research Associate
CLISRFSenior Clinical Research Fellow
CLISTFSenior Clinical Teaching Fellow
CLITCHClinical Teaching Fellow
CLITRFClinical Training Fellow

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