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May 2015

An additional Prescreen' question titled 'Redeployment' has been added to the prescreen area when creating a vacancy on ROME. For vacancies placed on the internal (redeployment) search engine this prescreen question should be used. It asks applicants if they are UCL Staff either at risk of redundancy or eligible for redeployment.

March 2015

The combined template has been updated to include the combination Grades 6-7 to be used for ‘Research Assistant / Research Associate’ adverts. In the salary field to enter the two separate salary ranges for Grade 6B (Research Assistant) and Grade 7 (Research Associate) respectively.

November 2014

Effective 26 November 2014 vacancies will be placed initially on the internal (redeployment) search engine for a minimum of 5 working days prior to external placement. A new redeployment application form has been created to be used when the advert is on the internal search engine.

April 2014


The UCL online recruitment system ROME will automatically anonymise application forms for all administrative, technical and manual positions. Applicants will only be identified by their candidate number and they will also no longer be able to attach CVs or other attachments to their application.

A new application form has been created (UCL Anonymised Application form) which should be attached to all professional services roles. When the candidate completes their application form they will be asked to complete their personal details (eg, employment history, qualifications). The statement in support of their application will be split across the following 3 fields: ‘Essential criteria’, ‘Desirable criteria’ and ‘Any other information in support of application’.

These changes do not apply to academic, research or teaching positions. Once short-listing has taken place and ROME is used to invite an applicant to interview, the anonymisation function will automatically switch off and at this point the candidates name will become visible.

Please visit http://www.ucl.ac.uk/hr/rome/user_manuals.php for the quick reference guide to anonymisation.

February 2013

Standard / Combined Vacancy Templates

The recruiter needs to confirm by means of a tick box that all panel members have completed UCL's fair recruitment briefing, or are booked onto a fair recruitment briefing in the near future as it is UCL Policy all members of the interview panel must have received a briefing in fair recruitment and selection at the earliest opportunity. This is a mandatory field.

Clarification of the contact details specified by the recruiter, the functionality remains the same. Contact details (for correspondence) renamed as (for correspondence with applicants). Contact details (for advert queries) renamed as (for HR advert processing queries).

May 2012

Standard Template

Dependent upon the combination of job type and grade the recruiter can choose to include standard wording at the bottom of the advert advising that, due to the Resident Labour Market Test under the UK Border Agency rules, it may not be possible for a Certificate of Sponsorship to be obtained for the recruitment. The combination of applicable job types and grades are listed on ROME. (Available from 26 July 2012)

January 2012

Advert Templates

An additional linked MS Word document added to the Training page titled 'Information Required to Advertise a Position'. This document can be distributed by the ROME recruiter to the manager/chair of the recruitment process to obtain information (key points) required for completing the advert template on ROME.

December 2011

Standard / Combined Vacancy Templates

As for the 'Cost Code for invoice payment' field the 'Name of FiS approver for approval of advert costs' is now a mandatory field for completion. Please note that this information will only be used where costs are incurred.

September/October 2011


Amendments to the Pensions onboarding area (online Staff Registration form) for the successful candidate.

January/March 2011

Clinical Application form

The references tabs have been added to the Clinical Application form.

Update to all UCL Application forms

The Government has established the abolition of the default retirement age, therefore the following question: "Are you 64 or over?" has been removed from all application forms.

September/October 2010

Immigration cap

Text has been added to the UCL Job Search screen in line with the new immigration cap to notify candidates that the immigration cap at UCL has been reached.

Application forms

Question relating to the number of sick days has been removed from the application forms in line with the new Equality Act.


The UCL Staff Registration forms have been updated to incorporate the PensionsExchange.

July 2010

Vacancy Templates

If the recruiter selects 'Yes' to the question about the advertised appointment being subject to UCL's Standard Terms and Conditions of Service the advert states this fact and a link is visible in the advert to either the conditions for 'Research and Professional Services Staff' or for 'Academic Staff' as appropriate to the appointment. This information has now been expanded to include links to employee benefits and further information about UCL.

Quick Reference Guides

The Quick Reference Guides have now been replaced by 10 Quick Start Guides (max of 2 sides A4) on the Training webpage http://www.ucl.ac.uk/hr/rome/training.php to cover specific tasks on the online recruitment system. These documents and the full manuals (word document and pdf file) are accessible to UCL staff using their UCL central login userid and password.

May/June 2010

'Applications by CV' Application Form

Revised wording to the supporting documentation instructions in this online application form. This application form has also been updated to include the references section, as is found when using the standard online 'UCL Application Form'.


The candidate onboarding area has seen minor amendments made to the 'Income Tax Details/Student Loans' section as well as an update to the question in which the successful candidate confirms which UCL site they will be based at.

Vacancy Templates

When creating a vacancy the recruiter is asked to confirm if UCL's Standard Terms and Conditions of Service apply to the advertised position. If 'Yes' is selected, then the advert will subsequently show a link to either the conditions for 'Research and Professional Services Staff' or for 'Academic Staff' as appropriate to the appointment.

January 2010

Update to all UCL Application forms

Within the Equal Opportunities tab additional fields have been added to include Religious Belief and Sexual Orientation. Applicants will be requested to confirm this information, however they have the option to with hold. This has also been added to 'adding a candidate manually'.

All Vacancy Templates

In Step 1-5 of creating a vacancy, the wording 'Please provide any special instructions here regarding the placement of the advert. Please state here if the vacancy is NOT to be advertised with Jobcentre Plus' has been replaced by 'Please provide any special instructions here regarding the placement of the advert'. A Separate tick box was previously entered for the jobcentre clarification.

Standard / Combined Vacancy Templates

In Step 1-5 the wording informing departments of the need to advertise in the JobCentre before a Certificate of Sponsorship can be issued has bee changed in line with UK legislation.

December 2009

Update to All New Vacancy Templates [to be updated on 6th January 2010]

In Step 7 of creating a vacancy the labelling of the ‘Academic and Research’ application form, which was in effect applications by CV, has now been changed to ‘Applications by CV’.

In Step 8 of creating a vacancy where the users requiring access to the vacancy are specified, the labelling has changed from ‘Chair’ and ‘Interviewer’ to ‘Administrator(s)’ and ‘Interview Panel’ respectively to more clearly differentiate the roles.

October and November 2009

Update to All New Vacancy Templates

The Job Type Tagging for the candidates search (Step 6 Search Criteria) now includes Postgraduate Teaching Assistant as an option The ‘Department/Division’ field is now given as ‘UCL Department/Division’ so the recruiter does not need to add the UCL prefix to this field.

Update to Standard and Combined Templates

The number of posts being advertised field now includes an ‘Other’ option for greater than 5 posts. The recruiter is then required to enter the number in a subsequent field.

Where the post is either Departmental or HEFCE funded, the recruiter is now required to provide the financial approval number.

The split funding options now include Departmental and Hospital funding.

For split funded posts that are Departmental and/or HEFCE funded, the recruiter is now required to provide the financial approval number.

Prior to entering the salary details a link is available taking the recruiter to the current UCL salary scales (Non-clinical and clinical salaries).

The contact details are now broken down into 2 types – Contact details for correspondence and Contact details for advert queries.

Update to Standard Template

The Positive Action Statement applicable for Postgraduate Teaching Assistant appointments is now identified in the help notes for this field.

General Update

To email the vacancy details to HR for activating and posting the advert, the recruiter selects ‘Email Vacancy Details’. On selecting this link the recruiter can now enter hr_adverts@ucl.ac.uk directly in the Recipients field, without the need to click on an extra link to get to this area. By entering the first 3 characters of this email address only the full email address appears for selection (akin to the process when assigning access to a vacancy)