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Extract from Provost's Newsletter 24th March 2009

Online recruitment at UCL

Medical Science Tunnel at nightAs part of our modernisation of all support services, we are about to introduce a new online recruitment system from April 2009.

The system has been designed and procured with the involvement of colleagues in Faculties and from across corporate support services. It is intended for use by all staff involved in the recruitment and selection process.

It will be put to use to ensure that we promote UCL job opportunities in the most effective way. It will allow us to provide comprehensive and consistent information to applicants and ensure that applicants provide us with all of the information we need to process their application.

It will be a major step forward in rationalising a system that is currently somewhat variable and inefficient. The copying of application forms and manual completion of monitoring forms will soon be a thing of the past. Some Faculties and Divisions are already testing and piloting the system; others will be approached over the next month to discuss training and briefing arrangements.

The plan involves all recruitment being administered through the online system by the end of July 2009 and an intensive training programme is in place to facilitate this. For more information see the project web site or contact Tim Wells, Project Manager at t.wells@ucl.ac.uk.