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Business Drivers

Medical School Tunnel at nightThe business drivers underlying UCL’s decision to pursue an online recruitment strategy can be group into the following broad categories:

  1. Improving UCL’s image and reputation as a world class employer by implementing a system that will provide a consistent and professional image to the world using 21st century technology
  2. Efficiency gains by streamlining labour intensive activities and improving process efficiency and improving access to electronic information for both recruiting departments and applicants 
  3. Better decision making by improving data integrity and accessibility of information on recruitment success, quality, media efficacy and equality monitoring   
  4. Fulfilling legal compliance obligations to undertake equality monitoring  – external driver

Project Objectives

The objectives for the project are:

  1. To improve the efficiency of the recruitment process and ease of access for applicants, recruiting departments and managers 
  2. To improve UCL’s image as a world class employer with professional modern interfaces maximising the benefits of 21st century technology
  3. To provide effective reporting functionality and full monitoring data on recruitment success, quality, media efficacy and equality of opportunity to inform management decision making.


As a result of the implementation of the project, the following benefits are expected within 12 months of implementation:

Cost related

  1. To improve value for money in recruitment advertising spend
    (e.g. stop using unsuccessful media to advertise vacancies)
  2. To deliver a recruitment process that is substantially paper free by 2010
  3. To reduce recruitment related postage costs by 90% over two years
  4. To reduce the number of application packs sent out by 90% over two years

Legal compliance

  1. To comply with statutory guidance relating to UK legal obligations relating to the equality monitoring of recruitment

Improved decision making

  1. To have complete management information for all UCL appointments informing management decisions on improving recruitment performance


  1. To improve the perception of UCL among prospective employees as a leading edge, global, forward thinking employer


The project is expected to deliver a fit for purpose online recruitment system to HR by the end of February 2009, with a roll out to all UCL departments by the end of July 2009.