These conditions of service are only applicable for those staff employed at UCL Qatar

UCL-Q Immigration Procedures

Immigration Procedure

To live and/or work in the State of Qatar, anyone who is not a Qatari citizen must have a sponsor and a Residence Permit (RP) issued by the Ministry of Interior. On that note, Qatar Foundation sponsors all UCL Qatar employees.  

Once you have accepted your offer of employment with UCL Qatar, we will start the process of applying for your entry work visa and upon arrival in Qatar, your RP.  Once the latter has been issued, we will apply on your behalf for a Multiple Exit Permit (MEP). This will allow you to leave and re-enter Qatar freely.

Dependents – spouses and children – who you wish to join you in Qatar will generally be sponsored by you and as such receive family residence permits. UCL Qatar will facilitate this process after your arrival in Qatar. Dependent female spouses on family residence permits do not need a MEP. The same applies for male spouses who are sponsored by their wives.

In the links below, you will find a detailed outline of the immigration process you need to undertake as well as the necessary documents you need to submit to the UCL Qatar HR Team. For your convenience, we have classified our requirements in three categories (pre arrival, preparing for arrival and post arrival into Qatar).

If you have any questions about the immigration process, please contact the UCL Qatar HR Team

Tel:        +974 4000 2624