These conditions of service are only applicable for those staff employed at UCL Qatar

Data Protection Act

The UK Data Protection Act 1998 is not applicable to information generated in Qatar, and there is currently no separate Qatar data protection legislation.

Information generated in the UK and transmitted to Qatar, or vice versa, and information held in the UK relating to employees at UCL Qatar must be held in accordance with UK Data Protection legislation. 

It is UCL Qatar's policy that all personal data must be held confidentially and securely and that the principles of the UCL Data Protection Policy will apply to all data held at or processed through UCL Qatar, irrespective of where it is generated or held.

UCL's Data Protection Policy forms part of University College London's commitment to the safeguarding of personal data processed by its staff and students. (Processing has a very broad definition, and includes activities such as creating, storing, consulting, amending, disclosing and destroying data.) Its objectives are:

UCL's policy on Research and data protection will help your understanding of the implications of the Data Protection Act for research data.

UCL's Record's Management policy gives detail on the keeping of all UCL Qatar administrative records. A record is information, regardless of medium, which provides evidence of UCL functions, activities and transactions.

For full information go to the data protection website. 

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April 2011