These conditions of service are only applicable for those staff employed at UCL Qatar

Annual Leave Policy

1. Purpose

1.1 This guidance is designed to inform staff of their annual leave entitlements and clarify arrangements for having annual leave agreed.

2. Scope

2.1 This guidance covers all staff based at UCL Qatar

3. Leave Entitlement

3.1 The leave year runs from 1 October until 30 September. Annual leave will be subject to an entitlement of twenty-seven working days* (pro-rata for part-time staff), additional to such days as UCL is customarily closed and to statutory holidays.

One or more calendar months employment

1/12th of 27 days for each completed calendar month.

If an employee starts or leaves part way through a month, s/he will receive a proportion of the holiday entitlement for that month - see the part month holiday calculator.

3.7 Fractions of half a day or less will be treated as half a day's annual leave and fractions of more than half a day will be treated as one day's annual leave.

3.8 Members of staff whose religious beliefs require them to be absent on particular days of the year outside the normal statutory holidays must take such days either as unpaid leave, as part of their annual entitlement or make the time up by agreement with the Chief Operating Officer/ Director. See the UCL Qatar guidance on leave for domestic and personal reasons.

4 Part-time staff - pro-rata calculations

4.1 Part-time staff are entitled to the pro-rata equivalent of 27 days annual leave, 8 days public and statutory days and 7 UCL Qatar closure days per year. Some examples of how to calculate pro-rata entitlement are given below. Part days will be rounded up to the nearest half day.


4.2 The following examples are based on the full-time equivalent of 36.5 hours per week, 27 days annual leave

E.g. a regular working pattern of 3 days per week, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday each week (60%fte):

8 Statutory & Public days + 7 UCL Qatar closure days = 15 days.

60% of 15 days = 9 days.

27 days annual leave x 60% = 16.2 days.

Total leave = 25.2 days (rounded down to 25 days).

One day's leave must be deducted from this total for any public holidays and UCL Qatar closure days which fall on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. The remaining number of days can be taken as annual leave.

e.g. a member of staff who works 60% FTE

Statutory & Public days +  UCL Qatar closure days = 14 days x 7.3 hours = 102.2 hours

60% of 102.2 hours = 61.32 hours.

27 days annual leave x 7.3 hours x 60% = 118.26 hours.

Total leave = 183.96 hours (rounded up to 184 hours).

The appropriate number of hours must be deducted from this total for any public and statutory holidays and UCL Qatar closure days which fall within the planned working pattern. The remainder to be taken as annual leave.

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December 2015