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Pension Tax Relief Limits Presentations

UCL continues to provide presentations covering the various issues relating to the current Annual Allowance (AA) of £50,000 which came into effect from 6th April 2011, and which will reduce further with effect from 6th April 2014 to £40,000.
Below are factors for members to consider who are potentially affected and at risk of incurring an AA tax charge:

If your answer is YES to at least 2 of the above, it is recommended that you attend a presentation.  Similarly if you have not yet attended one of the previous presentations, you should also consider attending a presentation.  The core subjects covered in the presentations are:

Each event is scheduled to last no longer than 1 ½ hours in total including time for questions at the end.

In preparation for your attendance at one of these presentations, further information about these new tax relief restrictions can be found here.

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