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State Pension Benefits

Most people build up some State Pension but the amount varies depending on how many qualifying years of National Insurance you have built up.  It provides you with a regular income and is paid for the rest of your life.  It is paid when you reach your State Pension Age (SPA) which is specific to your gender and date of birth.  As part of your planning for retirement and identifying your total income from all sources, it is important to understand how much you can expect to receive and the date you can receive those payments.

State Pension Forecast State Pension Age
It is useful, as part of your overall retirement planning for you to obtain a State Pension forecast.  This is easy to do and gives you detailed information on the State Pension you should expect to receive when you reach your State Pension Age, as based on your National Insurance contribution record.

Historically this used to be 60 for women and 65 for men.  Over recent years and in particular, changes announced by the Government during 2011, there have been many changes. 

To work out your State Pension Age, based on current legislation, click here.

Changes announced

Pensions and retirement planning Your future wallet
For all matters relating to State Pensions and State entitlements and payments.

Pensions and Retirement planning contacts.
Your life may change a lot when you retire. This means your household finances may be very different, too. Your future wallet is a tool that helps you work out how much money you may need in later life. It lets you compare this to your present situation.