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SAUL News update April 2011

PensionsExchange Anniversary Date
PensionsExchange anniversary date is the 1 May of each year.  If you are not a member of PensionsExchange because you were previously not eligible or have elected to opt-out, you have the opportunity to opt-in either as a result of a Lifestyle Event or at this year's anniversary date; 1 May 2011.  More information about PensionsExchange and the anniversary date can be found here.


Please note that with the increase of 1% in National Insurance Contributions effective 6th April 2011, there is the potential for even greater savings to your net pay.

Please note the deadline of 30 April 2011 for receipt of completed forms.

Member Presentations - May 2011

These are being held at UCL on 18th May 2011.  More information about the event and how to register your place can be found here.