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Pensions presentations

Presentation/Event Name
Pension Tax Relief Limits Presentation for NHS PS Members

Members of the NHS PS who may be or could be affected by the

These are likely to be those members of the NHS PS who

Members of NHS PS who have not yet attended a Pension Tax Relief Limits presentation

Presentation contents:
The presentations provide information on various related matters relating to the limits, including:

It will be useful if you have accessed UCL Pension Services webpage – Pension Tax Relief Limits, where you will find information about and background to the Pension Tax Relief Limits and related resources/sebs: USS. HMRC etc.

Outcomes of presentation:
This presentation aims to provide you with all the information you need, or to point you towards where the information is available to put you in an informed position should you need to make any important decisions regarding the AA or LTA.

Dates, time venue:
Wednesday 16th October 2013, 12.15pm, Garwood LT, 9 South Wing
Wednesday 23rd October 2013, 4.15pm, Roberts 309 LT, Roberts Building

Length of presentation: 1.5 hrs including time for Q&A at end

Presenter: Fenella Needham, UCL Pensions Manager
In attendance: Gary O’Neill, Independant Financial Advisor

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