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Independent Financial Advice and Personal Finance

UCL Pension Services are able to provide you with information relating to your pension scheme membership and benefits.  However, it is acknowledged that some aspects of pensions are complex, and you are presented with difficult decisions to make.

It is recommended that if you need financial advice, you contact an independent financial adviser. particularly if you anticipate that the value of your benefits including those from non-UCL pension arrangements, if any, will be close to or exceed the reduced Lifetime Allowance limit, or if you have issues related to the Annual Allowance/Pension Input Period.

Personal Finance Society Unbiased Professional Advice Financial Services Authority
Learn more about personal finance matters like pensions and savings, give you the latest news on personal finance issues and help you to find a qualified financial adviser who can give you advice about your own circumstances. Find local, professional advice. Choose the search service you need, tick your requirements and receive details of appropriate, qualified advisers close to your home or office Pensions made clear, understand the benefits of using a pension to save for your retirement, what type of pensions are available, how they work and how to start saving for your retirement.
IFA information for USS members IFA information for NHS members Other IFA information
USS trained Independent Financial Advisor (IFA)
Where to find financial advice from an IFA.
Independent Financial Advice.
Where to obtain Independent Financial Advice.

Further information
More sources of information.

Members of the British Medical Association (BMA): The BMA Pensions department is not authorised to to give financial advice.  Members requiring guidance can receive this through BMA Services and its accredited partner;  AWD Chase de Vere Wealth Management Ltd, or you can telephone 0845 609 2008 to arrange an appointment with an Independent Financial Advisor.

Money Advice Service

Institute of Financial Planning National Debtline
Money Advice Service established by the Financial Services Authority.  When it comes to your money,  impartial information and tools to help you work out what’s right for you and some useful links and Interactive Money Planners.

Complete your personal money health check.


Financial Planning looks at what you want out of life and how you can achieve it. Although the IFP doesn't provide advice directly, provide information, tips and tools for you take some simple steps yourself. A charity that provides FREE, confidential and independent debt advice on how to deal with debt problems. Get a personalised action plan to deal with your debts.
Lost trace of accounts?

Lost or dormant account search

The Unclaimed Assets Register
FREE service – trace a lost bank / building society NS&I account.  You may be surprised at what unclaimed assets you have forgotten you have! FREE service that helps you trace your lost accounts and savings.  If you think you may have lost touch with your account or savings, follow the simple steps to help reunite you with your money. A unique search service that helps you find your lost assets and re-establish contact with financial institutions.
Pension Tracing Service and watch the video Making a will Dealing with Finances after a Death
If you have lost track of the details of a pension scheme and need to know how you can contact them, the Pension Tracing Service may be able trace them for you so that you can contact them and claim any benefits due to you How and why you should make a will. Key facts and advice if you're dealing with a deceased person's finances, plus a checklist of things to do and more useful links.
H M Revenue & Customs (HMRC)
For matters relating to your Tax & National contributions.  Further information:

HMRC - Guide IRI21 Approaching Retirement
A guide to tax and National Insurance Contributions for people who are close to retirement.

HRMC - National Insurance Contributions Age Exception Certificate
Stop paying National Insurance Contributions once you reach your State Pension Age – the action you need to take to ensure these stop.

HMRC - rates and allowances
Details the rates of all allowances, credits and benefits etc.

HMRC – Tax Code
Is your tax code (as shown on your UCL pay slip) correct?  Make sure your tax code is correct and you benefit from tax relief on your pension scheme contributions at the highest level applicable.  Also provides information about what UK Income Tax you will pay when you go to live or work abroad, double taxation agreements etc.