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Before you contact us, your enquiry could be answered by viewing the information held on the USS, SAUL, NHS websites or on the pages of this website. Or look at the frequently asked questions below and see if it can be answered there.  There are also many other FAQs which could help you.

Question Answer
I wish to complete a form, can you send it to me? All forms relating to pension scheme membership are available here.
Where do I send a downloaded / completed form? Send all completed forms to UCL Pension Services, HR Division
I want to personally hand in a form to you.  Where can I do this? Location details are below. HR Reception is open from 9am to 5pm. Outside these hours you can place the item(s) in our secure post-box on the 9th floor.
I do not know which Pension Scheme I have?  How can I find out? Look at your Contract of Employment or your Payslip which shows the pension contribution deduction.
How do I arrange a meeting with you? Firstly, your question(s) may be answered by looking on USS, SAUL, NHS or our website. If you require some calculations, firstly use the modellers/calculators available on the websites above.
I have looked at the website but still cannot find the information I require, what can I do now? Contact us by email providing your EE number, as shown on your payslip for easy & accurate identification. Or you can come to our Reception desk, as above and ask to meet with an Administrator.
I wish to discuss some calculations with an Administrator.  How can this be done? Come to the HR Reception, as above, or request a meeting by firstly telephoning us or send a email to us.
I wish to have some calculations prepared for discussion in a meeting with a Pension Administrator.  How do I arrange this? As above, use the Modellers / Calculators available to members on the websites. If you still require a specific calculation / quotation, email your request to Pensions
Contact Details
Email: Pensions (Please include your Employee Number,  National Insurance Number, Surname, Forename and Date of Birth in all email correspondence to Pension Services)
Fax: 020 7209 0251
Telephone: 02031087166 Internal extension: 57166
Location:2nd Floor, Bidborough House, 38-50 Bidborough St
London WC1H 9BT

All enquiries to our pensions portal are logged and allocated to an Administrator for action and response, working within our 10 working day service standard.

There may be occasions where calculations need to be obtained or some information is needed from the pension scheme or another UCL Department or HR team in order to answer your enquiry.  This will impact on our 10 day service standard.  You will be informed of this action accordingly.

Feedback Making a complaint
UCL Pension Services aims to provide an accurate, efficient and professional service to all UCL stakeholders, both internally and external.

We hope that that you have found what you were looking for on this website.  It will help us, if you let us know if any link on this website does not work or if it does not take you to the correct location, so we can remedy it.

UCL Pension Services aims to provide a one-stop shop for all your pension matters and are committed to continuously improving the quality of the service that we provide.  We are always looking for ways to improve our engagement and communications with you, and welcome and are interested in your feedback and to hear your suggestions on ways that can improve our service provision.

Please email us with your feedback and suggestions.

If the service you have received from UCL Pension Services was below the standard that which you were expecting or, you disagree or dispute any advice or information provided, we would like to be informed about your experience. 

Please email Jon Everard, Head of Pensions, ECA and Payroll for UCL, with the details of your dissatisfaction.

Your complaint will be acknowledged and you will be provided with a full reply within 10 working days of its receipt.  Where information is required from outside of UCL to enable an answer to your complaint which may impact on the 10 day turnaround, you will be accordingly advised.  We will use your complaint to raise the quality and standard of the service and where appropriate make changes to:

  • Staff Training & development
  • Review of Processes & Procedures
  • Documentation
  • Communication
  • Service standards