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Formal consultation on the proposed changes to the SAUL pension scheme – Important information for SAUL active and prospective members

Following proposed changes agreed between representatives of both the employers and employee representatives on the SAUL Negotiating Committee, UCL will conduct a formal consultation with its affected employees, commencing on Monday 13 July 2015.  The ‘key dates’ of the consultation timeline are outlined in the graphic to the right of this page.
Detailed information in the form of a downloadable document of the proposed changes, a Q&A page, an interactive modeler to help you estimate the potential impact on your future benefits, and the facility to anonymously provide feedback to SAUL on the proposed changes, are available on the SAUL Consultation website www.saul.org.uk/consultation.   Alternatively, affected employees can provide a written response to Pension Services pensions@ucl.ac.uk

All affected employees will be emailed a PDF of the consultation document or a hard copy (if you do not have an email address) which details the proposed changes. The downloadable consultation document is also available here.

If you wish to provide a written response on the proposed changes, rather than through the above website, you may send this to:

UCL Pensions,
Human Resources Division
Bidborough House
38 - 50 Bidborough Street
London WC1H 9BT