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HR Payroll Service : Service Level Agreement

service level agreement

Our commitment to you covering the following aspects of Payroll Services: Office Hours, Correspondence, Payment of Salaries, New Employees, Leavers.

Office Hours

Payroll Services is open for personal enquiries between 10.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday. Telephone queries will be responded to during 09.00am and 5.00pm.

Correspondence / Telephone Enquiries / E-Mail / Personal Callers

  1. Correspondence arriving into Payroll: Dependent on the nature of the letter, a reply will be sent within five working days.  An acknowledgement will be sent if it is anticipated a longer response time is necessary.

  2. Correspondence leaving Payroll: All correspondence will be signed and dated by the appropriate Payroll Administrator. Letters and envelopes to staff will be marked 'Private & Confidential'.
  3. Telephone Enquiries: Where possible, dependant on the nature of the enquiry, telephone calls will be dealt with immediately.  All telephone calls will be returned and callers given an update on proceedings within twenty-four hours.

  4. E-Mail:  All enquiries by e-mail will be dealt with as soon as possible.   The originator will be notified by return e-mail of the intended timescale.

  5. Personal Callers:  Enquiries will be taken at the counter on the 9th floor and where necessary referred to the relevant Administrator during the above office hours.

Payment of Salaries

Salaries are paid into a bank account or a building society account on the last working day of the month.  Payslips will be available online around the 26th of each month. The payslip amounts however will not be guaranteed until pay day.

Employees will receive a P60 income tax form by 31 May of each year for the preceding tax year in accordance with HMRC regulations.

All payroll information direct from employees and departments where appropriate, must be received by Payroll by the stated deadline for payment to be made on the last working day of each month.

New Employees

Where details of bank/building society accounts have not reached Payroll in time for salary payment, an exception has been made for new employees to receive their first salary payment by cheque, unless required to attend New Staff reception.  The cheque and payslip will be sent to the home address and given together with a letter requesting details to be forwarded to Payroll.  Failure to supply bank details will result in no further payments being made.


The final payslip and P45 are posted to the home address at the month end. Addresses can be checked on My View. 

For staff retiring from UCL and being in receipt of an occupational pension, the income tax form P45 will be submitted to the relevant pension scheme.

When your contract has ended you will no longer be able to access MyView therefore please remember to print any payslips and P60s that you require before you leave