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HR Payroll Service : Casual Workers

casual workers

This section contains guidance for casual workers and for managers engaging casual workers


If you have under taken a duty as a one-off piece of work, and provided all the information required, the department will instruct UCL Payroll via an online Form to pay you. You should expect to receive payment at the end of the month following this duty subject to the department meeting the payroll submission deadline. A paper payslip will be sent to your home address at the end of the month in which you are paid.

Please see link for further guidance as a casual worker

For information regarding employment status see www.ucl.ac.uk/finance/purchasing/self-employment-pmts



This guidance is intended to be read by managers and administrators with responsibility for the recruitment of employees and workers. It must be read in conjunction with other advice issued by the HR Division on UCL recruitment procedures and Contracts of Employment and its compliance with statutory legislation. This note is specific to UCL departments who invite individuals to undertake a short term one-off duty (e.g. lecturing on a course) without the requirement to issue a formal contract of employment.

Please see link for details on department obligations

Please see link for a form that can be used to collect casual worker information