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UCL Appraisal, Review and Development Scheme

UCL places great emphasis on all staff who have direct responsibility for the work of others (managers), and those nominated as ‘appraiser’ by heads of department, using the Appraisal, Review and Development Scheme (ARDS).

The scope and purpose of the ARDS is clearly described in the opening sections of the scheme. Quite simply it is a process that enables both appraiser and appraisee achieve the best outcomes from their roles and responsibilities.

Because of the ARDS’s importance, training sessions are mandatory for all appraisers. The 2-hour sessions provide the required knowledge and understanding to conduct successful Appraisal, Review and Development.

(Please note that we no longer run briefings for Appraisees)

It is best practice for Appraisers to brief Appraisees about ARDS.