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My Training Record

UCL has one corporate training record to which all UCL training providers input records of training undertaken, in order to enable a comprehensive record of all staff training and development completed by UCL staff. This allows UCL to:

Where training has been provided by one of UCL's training units such as:

Training will be recorded for you within 4-6 weeks of its completion and will show on your training record. If the details of any workshop you have attended are not in your records after this time please E-mail the appropriate provider. Please note that that online 'induction' and 'diversity' training data is produced every 3 months and will therefore show on your training record after this time.

Work-related training and development that has been organised by your department will usually be recorded (using the Learning Event Recording System) by the Departmental Administrator within the department or faculty. You should record all other training and development that you undertake via the Learning Event Recording System. For help with using the Learning Event Recording System please see 'How to Record Your Training'.

To enter the system, please click on the link below. You will then be required to enter your UCL Information Systems username and password. For more information about your UCL password, please visit the IS website at www.ucl.ac.uk/is/passwords/


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