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Applying for a course

The UCL Training Booking System allows you to manage your own bookings online, and the system to be updated in real time. When you view the System you will see that there are named page tabs: 'Home', 'Browse', and 'My Bookings' and you also have an option to amend your 'My profile'. Below is a brief summary of each of these areas as well as an explanation of how to book and cancel a training event.



My Bookings

You will be taken to a log in page where you will be required to enter your UCL IT userid and password. This is where you can view and cancel all of your bookings in the three categories:

How to make a Booking

UCL Staff

When you have browsed and found an event that you are interested in you will have the option of clicking on book or registering an interest. When you click on either of these you will be taken to a log in page and you will be required to enter your UCL IT userid and password. Please follow the directions as instructed.

On submission of a booking form the system will:

In addition:

External Applicants

First you will need to set up a guest account. Please click on the 'My Bookings' tab this will take you to a log in page. Beneath the box requesting that you enter a userid and password you will see another box with the text:

"If you are an external candidate and have not already registered, please create a new account by registering here"

Click on the link 'registering here' and complete the form, you will then be sent a password to the email you have entered into the form.

When you have obtained your password please click on the 'My Bookings' tab again. Enter your email as the userid and then your password.

Please note that where you are eligible to book it will only be to go onto the reserve list as we allocate places to external applicants two weeks prior to the event. Your request will be held until nearer the date of the event but you should receive an automatic email to say that you have been entered onto the reserve list.

How to Cancel

To cancel your place select the 'My Bookings' tab and click the cancellation button for this event. You will be asked to submit a reason for cancelling. Your booking for that event will then be removed from the 'My Bookings' tab and you will be sent an automated email to inform you that your place has been cancelled.

My Profile

When you have logged into the system you will see, above the named page tabs 'Home', 'Browse', 'My Bookings' and underneath the UCL Logo, your name and the 'My Profile' tab. Click on this tab and it will take you to your profile where you may add in any special requirements that you have, these will then pull through to your booking form. Please note that as a member of UCL much of your personal information is retrieved from databases external to the booking system and is therefore not editable. Should any of your personal details other than your special requirements need amending please contact your departmental HR Operations representative.

We anticipate that this system will improve upon the quality of our service to you. Should you need any further clarification please contact the coordinator of the event you have booked.

To view available events and make a booking please click on the link below:


Any technical issues encountered with the new system please should be reported to:  https://www.ucl.ac.uk/hr/helpdesk/helpdesk_web_form.php
Any queries regarding OSD events should be directed to the co-ordinator for that event:  OD Course contact (see course details)
Any feedback regarding this new system would be most welcome: od@ucl.ac.uk