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UCL information

As one of the world’s leading universities, UCL prides itself on providing academic excellence and conducting ground breaking research. At its core is UCL’s values and vision in promoting its commitment to its members, the environment and the community at large. External facilitators are requested to access the following links for further information on the university.


Maps of all venues

For information on the location of course venues, UCL maintains an interactive map. This covers UCL buildings, venues and useful places.



We ask that you embed all UCL's relevant policies and procedures into your training practice and materials. As training professionals you will understand our approach. It is to weave equality into the training and development that we deliver and to be able to demonstrate how we achieve that.

A full list of policies is available on the HR website.

This includes policies, statements, procedures and guidelines relating to equal opportunities. If you have any concerns about a possible breach of UCL policy please let a member of the OD team know.


Equalities & Diversity

UCL is committed to provide an environment in which its members and visitors are treated with respect and which is free from discrimination. External facilitators are requested to gain an understanding of the policies / strategies below and where appropriate include within their course material:

For additional insight into the significance that UCL places in equalities please visit the Equalities & Diversity Website



New fire evacuation procedures are being introduced as a result of legislative changes. A member of the Organisational Development team (OD) or an appropriate Fire safety trainer from HR will bring them to your attention when you next come to train at UCL. We will go through a short checklist which you may download here as a pdf file although we will provide you with one when we meet you on the day and ask that you sign it to show that you understand what is required.


UCL Core Behaviours Framework

As part of the ongoing commitment to develop its staff, a UCL Core Behaviours Framework has been designed. To support consistency of delivery, external facilitators are requested to study the framework and highlight within their course material the behaviours that will be covered in the learning.


Terms and conditions

Please click to see the latest UCL Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Goods and Services.




Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact a member of the OD team.