Learning Needs Analysis Framework


UCL HR Organisational Development team (OD) seeks to encourage the use of the LNA framework as a tool that allows managers to support the development needs of their staff in order to effectively carry out their ‘day to day’ role.

There are a number of benefits to adopting the LNA framework; some of these are as follows:

This guide has been designed to provide colleagues across UCL with the steps to conduct an effective LNA.   

What is a Learning Needs Analysis (LNA)

A Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) is a review of learning and development requirements that is designed to support individual, team and organisational development. It is a recognised developmental tool that evaluates an employee’s skills, knowledge and behaviours in order to meet the organisational demands together with an assessment of any current or anticipated gaps in learning. The aim of the exercise is therefore to bridge any highlighted gaps through adopting various methods of support and development.
The LNA should be seen as the first step to establishing an effective development plan as it serves to determine learning objectives, design effective development programmes and empower managers to manage. 

The process

The process involves the manager meeting with their staff and formally discussing and documenting their learning needs.This allows them to assess the training/learning needs of their staff, identify any gaps at the individual, team and organisational levels and utilise the training budget to address these in a targeted way.

This framework has been developed to enable the process to be used within the university, by assisting managers’ to structure their conversations, appropriately document the results and determine how it be evaluated. The LNA framework could prove useful at the appraisal stage and could also act as a vehicle to support the behavioural framework.

The flowchart in the PDF document below can be used as a guide to take you through how the process works.

pdfDownload the Learning Needs Analysis Framework

Further support and guidance can be sought if necessary by contacting the UCL HR OD team.