What is a Learning Event?

Learning Events

UCL is committed to the continuing professional development (CPD) of all staff. In order to facilitate this, staff are entitled and expected to undertake a minimum of 3 learning events per annum. For staff with management responsibilities this should include at least one leadership or management development activity.

To assist with, and for the purpose of consistent recording and monitoring of training and development within UCL, a learning event is defined as:

A learning, training or development activity that has been completed  via attendance at a workshop, course or conference or via e-learning, a coaching or mentoring session or a team ‘away day’ or half day etc. (of at least 2 hours duration). In the case of e-learning this may be a cumulative total.

The degree to which UCL staff meet its target for training take up is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and the percentage of managers undertaking management development activity each year is reported as a KPI to UCL’s Human Resources Policy Committee (HRPC) and to UCL Council.

Research staff who are supported by the Roberts agenda are required to complete a minimum of 10 days (1 day = 7.3 hours) training or development per annum. This can be undertaken in full or part days via seminars, workshops, mentoring, e-learning and other developmental activities. For further details on the training available for early career research staff and please see the Research Staff website at www.ucl.ac.uk/hr/osd/research

The learning/training records of staff are captured via UCL’s Learning Event Recording System. Please see 'My Training Record' for more information