Potential Energy - Effective Presentations
Research Staff Development Programme

Participants: This course is suitable for all UCL researchers.

Overview: If you type “Presentation Skills” into a search engine, you will find links to something in the region of 80 million pages. Begin to explore these pages, and you will discover a wealth of extremely good advice on the topics that can help make presentations better. These will probably include areas such as appropriate pace of speech, good eye contact, effective gestures and open body language.

Undoubtedly this is all good advice, but most websites (and many workshops) are very good at telling you what to do but not how to actually do it.

This is where Potential Energy is different: By exploring and exposing what we do intellectually, emotionally and physically when we communicate effectively in more familiar and less threatening situations, the course brings to life five fundamental principles of live communication. It illustrates in a practical way how we naturally and consistently fulfil them, suggests methods of transferring them and leaves attendees with four memorable and tangible concepts with which to approach presentations in the future; be it in the next day, month or year.

As an interactive seminar, it requires whole group participation and although no preparation is required, attendees should be prepared to speak to colleagues about their work for no longer than a minute as part of an exercise.

Researcher Development Framework Categories:

  • Communication and dissemination (D2)
  • Engagement and impact (D3)

Facilitator: Piero Vitelli

Date, time and venue: ½ day course.

More dates will be available in the 2017-2018 Academic Year. In the meantime please Register Your Interest by scrolling down the page to How to Book and clicking on the link to the Booking Form. We will then email you when new dates are available.


  • Free for UCL Research Staff 

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