Leading Collaborative Projects
Research Staff Development Programme

Participants: This one day workshop open to all UCL Research staff.

Overview: The ability to thrive in a collaborative environment is increasingly becoming one of the most necessary skills for being truly effective in the research environment. The ability to lead collaborative research projects is one of those skills that is vital and yet we are often just supposed to do instinctively.

Being able to lead in collaborative programmes is certainly one way of ensuring that you attract research funding, enhance your personal reputation and advance your career. The challenge is that successful collaborations don’t ‘just happen’. Not only do you need to find your collaborators, you need to persuade them to work effectively with you (and deliver to your deadlines!) and you need to understand what you can do both to prevent collaboration challenges and how to manage the situation professionally should the relationship start to break down.

This highly pragmatic and interactive workshop will explore leadership, collaboration and leading collaborative relationships and show you how to set yourself up for success.

Anticipated Learning Outcomes:

We will explore:

  • what collaboration is – and isn’t, as well as the barriers, and the opportunities
  • the importance of good leadership in collaborative projects, and what you need to ‘do’ in order
    to deliver (whether from the position of PI or from within the team)
  • the skills that are required to lead and be part of effective collaborations, and how to set
    yourself up for success
  • understanding the pitfalls – and how to overcome them
  • identifying what you need to do to be able to successfully manage an effective collaborative partnership, including the skills of leadership, delegation, negotiation, prioritisation and handling performance problems
  • examining how you can use both leadership and collaboration to increase the opportunities open to you as a research professional

By the end of this session researchers will understand, and be able to exploit, their leadership and collaborative research skills.

Researcher Development Framework Categories:

  • Research Management (C2)
  • Working with others (D1)

Facilitator: Dr. Caron Fraser Wood - Mindset Method

Date, time and venue: One day workshop

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  • Free for Research Staff on the UCL payroll 

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