Peer Shadowing Pilot

Peer Shadowing


What is Peer Shadowing?

Peer shadowing entails spending time with and observing the work of another member of staff in a department or role of interest in order to gain insight into work in that area.

Peer shadowing provides practical career and professional development in a way that allows staff to have a wider understanding and greater perspective of work practices.

Pilot Target Group

Professional services staff at Grade 6 and below who work closely with students and have a direct impact on the student experience.

For the pilot scheme we will accept applications from staff that meet the criteria above from the following areas:

Registry and Student Services  
Faculty Course Administrators Faculty and Department Administrative Teams
Library Services Library Services


If a member of professional services staff would like to participate but feels that their role does not ‘fit’ within any of the above categories please contact your Organisational Development Team.


Internal Workshadowing

Peer shadowing between the IOE and UCL:


How Can You Get Involved?

The process is application driven in that once an application is received for consideration, individuals will be matched to a suitable counterpart at the other institution who have also submitted an application. The person doing the shadowing and the person being shadowed (the host) will then need to communicate prior to the actual placement to define a programme, its boundaries and objectives.

Applications have now closed for the pilot scheme. The pilot will run until the beginning of August 2014, at this point the scheme will be evaluated. Information about any future programmes will be advertised at this location.


The Benefits of Peer Shadowing