Getting the Best out of People
Professional Development Programme

Participants: Staff who have leadership and/or management responsibilities.

Pre-requisites: None

This one day workshop will explore some of the key behaviours and skills to be exhibited by managers to effectively manage the performance and development of individuals and teams. The key message from the workshop being that performance management is a “daily activity”, not just something that happens once or twice a year. Furthermore it should be used by managers as a means in order to get the best out of their people. Therefore by bringing together the main tools that make up the “Performance Management Toolkit”, coupled with the need to ensure an appreciative conversational approach, this workshop will provide participants with the “know-how” to apply the above meaningfully and ultimately create a high performance culture within their teams.

To explore what is needed in terms of behaviours and practice, from managers, in order to create a high performance culture where people can and do perform to their best.

Workshop Objectives:
By the end of the programme participants will be able to:

  • Describe their leadership and management role in terms of ensuring high performance, including during times of change, and what this looks like in practice
  • Describe the behaviours required to manage performance on a daily basis - inspire, engage and empower individuals and teams – using Solutions Focused Leadership and Appreciation
  • Employ the formal UCL People Management Policies, appropriately, effectively and with confidence
  • Apply the High Performance Toolkit effectively
  • Describe and demonstrate the skills and behaviours required to carry out performance improvement conversations using an assertive, sensitive and respectful approach
  • State the next steps and your responsibility in terms of embedding a performance management culture within your teams
  • Addresses challenges and manages change in support of corporate and local objectives
  • Provides leadership, direction and feedback on team and individual objectives
  • Facilitates training and the development of an appropriate skills base within the team
  • Encourages personal development and helps others to learn
  • Fosters two way communication and effective team-working
  • Demonstrates a commitment to (and promotes) equality and diversity ensuring UCL is an inclusive environment in which individuals are respected and unacceptable behaviours challenged

Preparation: None

Facilitator: Kass Jaffer

Date, time and venue: 1 day workshop

For Grades 9 and 10:

12 April 2018 0900 - 1730 tba

For Grades 8 and below:

27 February 2018 0900 - 1730 tba
31 May 2018 0900 - 1730 tba

Cost: Free for  all staff on the UCL payroll

How to book: Booking Form

OD Course Contact: Khiera Yusuf

Cancellation: Please note that there has been a change to the cancellation policy. The course cancellation and no show fee is £100 starting from the 2015/16 academic year. This charge is applicable to Organisational Development Courses and supersedes all other information regarding this policy elsewhere on the UCL website and training booking system. Additional charges may be incurred on some courses. Read more about cancellation >>.