Introduction to Leadership and Management
Professional Development Programme

Participants: This course provides an introduction to leadership and management at UCL and is suitable for staff who are new to, or who have little experience of, line management.

You will need the support of your manager both to participate in the programme and to apply the learning to your role.

Pre-requisites: None


Understanding your role as a manager and as a leader is the first step towards effective team and people management. Attending the one day module will help develop your thinking about leadership and management at UCL and the part that you play in creating the right environment for effective individual and team performance.

Course Objectives:

Attending the course will enable you to:

  • Define the role and responsibilities of a manager and a leader.
  • Identify the key elements of managing and leading people and successful teams.
  • Discuss some of the challenges of managing and leading within the current UCL and higher education context.
  • Explore your own leadership or management style and how this can impact on interpreting and setting goals and/or objectives.
  • Consider how you can best tailor your approach to management and leadership to help maximise your individual and your team’s performance.
  • Create a Personal Development Plan to enhance your management and leadership skills.
  • Identify further management and leadership development opportunities at UCL
  • Facilitates training and the development of an appropriate skills base within the team.
  • Encourages personal development and helps others to learn.
  • Demonstrates effective self management and focus
  • Fosters two way communication and effective team-working


None required, however to help you prepare for your attendance you may want to look at the Desktop Learning topics listed below.

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Desktop Learning topics:

Facilitator: Sharon Kiley, Rocket Consultancy

Date, time and venue: 1 day workshop

More dates will be available in the 2015-2016 Academic Year. In the meantime please Register Your Interest by scrolling down the page to How to Book and clicking on the link to the Booking Form. We will then email you when new dates are available.


  • Free for all staff on the UCL payroll 
  • £80 for UCL Affiliated / Higher Education Institutions / Charities 
  • £200 for External Applicants

How to book: Booking Form

OD Course Contact: Natalia Mazzini-cea