Effective Team Working
Professional Development Programme

Participants: This course is for staff who want to improve their understanding of team dynamics in order to improve their ability to collaborate as an effective member of any team.

Pre-requisites: None

What makes an outstanding team deliver exceptional performance? The content of the workshop draws heavily on the way teams in the performing arts work. These teams come together and need to gel quickly and produce outstanding performance under pressure.

Anticipated Learning Outcomes:
This session will help you to:


  • the difference between a group and a team
  • what makes a really exceptional team
  • how to establish team working and achieve added value


  • what it's like to be part of a team
  • confident to add value to others in a team
  • enthusiastic about team working

Be more able to:

  • work collaboratively with colleagues, understanding different personalities
  • produce exceptional results as a team
  • embody team values and support others to perform outstandingly
  • creatively solve problems

Course Outline:


  • The added value of working as a team
  • The difference between a group and a team
  • What it takes to become 'more than the sum of your parts'

Outstanding Team-Working:

  • The ACE team concept is based on research of high-performing teams both in the performing arts and in business.
    • A – Aligned; C – Creative; E – Exploring


  • The need for clarity of roles and responsibilities
  • Supportive relationships - understanding others so that you can work better together
  • Shared vision, values, direction and goals - how to get alignment


  • Becoming more than the sum of the parts
  • Creative collaboration and partnership and problem solving
  • The value of a 'yes' culture
  • Improvisation - thinking on your feet and creating spontaneously


  • The life-cycle of a team - the importance of learning from experience
  • Trouble-shooting team related problems and managing team conflicts
  • Inspirational performance - a final creative team challenge to inspire others

Action Plans:

  • Translating the learning and techniques from the course into the workplace

This course supports your development in line with the UCL Core Behaviours Framework.

You will be asked to give a presentation of no more than 2 minutes to the rest of the group about something that inspires you. We will be using these examples to explore what inspiration means and how it can be applied to your work to produce exceptional performance. Please note that we only expect you to spend approximately 20 minutes in preparation and you will not have access to PowerPoint.

Facilitator: Maynard Leigh Associates

Date, time and venue: 1 day workshop

More dates will be available in the 2018-2019 Academic Year. In the meantime please Register Your Interest by scrolling down the page to How to Book and clicking on the link to the Booking Form. We will then email you when new dates are available.


  • Free for all staff on the UCL payroll 
  • £160 for UCL Affiliated / Higher Education Institutions / Charities
  • £400 for External Applicants

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OD Course Contact: Patrick Sampson

Cancellation: Please note that there has been a change to the cancellation policy. The course cancellation and no show fee is £100 starting from the 2015/16 academic year. This charge is applicable to Organisational Development Courses and supersedes all other information regarding this policy elsewhere on the UCL website and training booking system. Additional charges may be incurred on some courses. Read more about cancellation >>.