Appraisal, Review and Development Scheme (ARDS) - Appraisers Training
Professional Development Programme

Any manager who has line management responsibilities, should complete a relevant UCL workshop, regardless of previous experience before conducting any staff review. This scheme applies to all staff who have satisfactorily completed their probation period. Staff must have read and familiarised themselves with the Appraisal, Review and Development Scheme guidelines, before they attend the Appraisal workshops. Please go to

Pre-requisites: None

These workshops meet the UCL requirement for all Appraisers to be trained before conducting appraisals. The Appraisal Review and Development Scheme (ARDS) aims to:

  • enhance the work of the department and the success of UCL through assisting individuals to develop to their full potential
  • ensure regular discussion of an individual's progress against aims and objectives
  • identify strengths and development needs and enable discussion of career aspirations
  • enhance communication within departments
  • review and meet the developmental needs of staff in roles with management responsibilities in line with UCL’s Core Behaviours.
  • review and meet the development needs of academic, research and teaching staff regarding UCL's expectation of academic excellence which are defined in "Excellence and the UCL community: a shared endeavour" see

Anticipated Learning Outcomes: Participating on an OD Appraisal workshop will enable the appraiser to

  • explain the Appraisal, Review and Development Scheme  
  • use it according to UCL's policy.

Participants will be provided with some suggestions for making the process as effective as possible.

  • Provides leadership, direction and feedback on team and individual objectives
  • Ensures regular review of teaching, research, knowledge transfer, enabling and support activities to maximise effectiveness
  • Promotes UCL's values and corporate objectives to colleagues and externally to UCL
  • Facilitates training and the development of an appropriate skills base within the team
  • what is appraisal, review and development
  • the UCL scheme
  • preparation for appraisal
  • the actual Appraisal meeting
  • equal opportunities
  • staff objectives & future goals

Staff must have read and familiarised themselves with the Appraisal, Review and Development Scheme guidelines, before they attend the Appraisal Workshops. Please go to

Please ensure that you have downloaded and printed the .pdf files that comprise your participant pack (or saved them to a tablet). Please bring printed copies of the documents to the course. Please go to:

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Facilitators: Either Penny Bridges, Perry Funnell, Annie Watts or Richard Laughlin (UCL Organisational Development Consultants)

Dates, time and venue: 2.5 hour workshop

28 November 2014 1400 - 1630 Room LG18 (99 Charlotte Street)
08 December 2014 1400 - 1630 Suite 1, 188 Tottenham Court Road
13 January 2015 1000 - 1230 Room 224, Birkbeck College
09 February 2015 1400 - 1630 tba
03 March 2015 1400 - 1630 tba
15 April 2015 1400 - 1630 tba
15 May 2015 1000 - 1230 tba
15 June 2015 1400 - 1630 tba
09 July 2015 1400 - 1630 tba

Cost: No cost for UCL employees

How to book: Booking Form

OD Course Contact: Natalia Mazzini-cea