Project Management
Professional Development Programme

Participants: For those with some experience of managing projects. Participants should have the level of knowledge that would be gained from attendance on the Project Management, an Introduction course. This course would be particularly suitable for staff that are about to start a large project.

To provide a wider perspective for those with some experience of managing projects and to build upon the skills learned in the Project Management, an Introduction course. The course will look at factors around the project that will influence its approach and outcome, and factors within the project that will benefit from enhanced analysis and control.

Anticipated learning outcomes:

This session will:

  • discuss the 7S framework for projects
  • look at models of different types of projects and help you to understand how different approaches to project management should be taken according to the type of project
  • improve your approach to estimating the various factors and parameters within a project
  • help you understand the roles stakeholders play in projects and discuss approaches to stakeholder identification and management
  • help you to look at how the use of breakdown structures can help organise and focus your project work
  • examine the role of effective leadership in successful project delivery
  • Manages project and other workloads to meet timescales, budgets and deliverables
  • Manages relationships with sponsors / funding bodies / collaborators / other faculties or other teams to deliver results
  • Understands risk culture, including the taking of opportunities while managing risk. Puts measures in place to identify, manage and minimise risks (e.g. financial, business continuity, health and safety)

Preparation: None required, however to help you prepare for your attendance you may want to look at the Desktop Learning topics listed below.

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Desktop Learning topics:

Facilitator: Ian Skerritt, Redington Consultancy About the facilitator...

Date, time and venue: 1 day workshop

22 June 2015 1000 - 1600 Room 339 Rockefeller Building


  • Free for all staff on the UCL payroll 
  • £160 for UCL Affiliated / Higher Education Institutions / Charities
  • £400 for External Applicants

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OD Course Contact: Natalia Mazzini-cea