Accelerated Management Development Programme
Professional Development Programme

Participants: This programme is for UCL staff grades 7 and above.

Pre-requisites: Please review the UCL Core Behaviours Framework.

The Accelerated Management Development Programme offers training support for existing managers and those with managerial aspirations within UCL with the overall aim of helping to better understand the manager’s role and be able to apply key managerial skills.

The Programme is designed to focus on the key management skills needed. It will enhance managers’ performance management capabilities within a matrix environment and increase their capabilities to use analytical, diagnostic, solution and reflection tools to improve workplace performance.

Our approach will be a logical step by step build up with each day split into separate sections. Therefore it is vital that delegates attend all four sessions:

Module 1 (Day 1): You and the Organisation in Context
Module 2 (Day 2): Operating with your Team
Module 3 (Day 3): Improving Self
Module 4 (Day 4): Leadership Communication

The programme consists of four one-day modules held either as:

  • two day sessions over a eight week period
  • or

  • one day sessions over a eight week period

To review the modules please follow this link:


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Please note that you will need your line managers approval to attend and a £500 contribution from your department.

Facilitator: Stuart Maddocks, Clemorton Consultancy Ltd

Dates, time and venue:

02 November 2015 0930 - 1630 tba
13 January 2016 0930 - 1630 tba
25 April 2016 0930 - 1630 tba

How to book: Booking Form

OD Course Contact: OD Team

Cancellation: Please note that there has been a change to the cancellation policy. The course cancellation and no show fee is £100 starting from the 2015/16 academic year. This charge is applicable to Organisational Development Courses and supersedes all other information regarding this policy elsewhere on the UCL website and training booking system. Additional charges may be incurred on some courses. Read more about cancellation >>.