ROME System Training Part 2: Shortlisting, Candidate Progression and Interviews
Professional Development Programme

Participants: Any member of UCL Staff who is required to participate in the recruitment process at different stages (e.g. assisting with shortlisting, setting up interviews, corresponding with applicants, etc.)

Pre-requisites: There are no pre-requisites.

Prior to attending the training, you must have read the UCL Recruitment and Selection Policy

To access the ROME system you will first need to register at:

The UCL Online Recruitment system uses innovative, best practice recruitment tools to support the Provost's vision of UCL becoming a modern outward looking world-class University.

It streamlines business processes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment function and provides statistical reporting tools that will enhance workforce decision making and equal opportunities monitoring.

This session will take you through how to carry out the following tasks within the ROME system:

  • Accessing and printing applications
  • Shortlisting
  • Setting up interviews
  • Progressing candidates and booking interview slots / correspondence
  • Recruitment statistics

NOTE: if you require training on how to record the shortlisting, candidate progression and invite for interviews via the system, please book yourself on the Rome Part 1 session.

Anticipated Learning Outcomes:
In order to manage performance effectively at UCL you will gain a fuller understanding of how to apply HR policies and procedures, including:

  • recruitment and selection
  • Demonstrates a commitment to (and promotes) equality and diversity ensuring UCL is an inclusive environment in which individuals are respected and unacceptable behaviours challenged.
  • Recruits and manages individuals effectively to create a high performing team.
  • Manages self and others in accordance with UCL policies and contributes to policy development as appropriate.

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Lisa Kiely, Senior HR Process Administrator, UCL About the facilitator...
Jonathan Wasse, Senior HR Process Administrator, UCL About the facilitator...

Date and time:

24 April 2015 1400 - 1700 ISD Training Room B08
19 May 2015 1400 - 1700 ISD Training Room B08
10 June 2015 1400 - 1700 ISD Training Room B08
27 July 2015 1400 - 1700 ISD Training Room B08
13 August 2015 1400 - 1700 ISD Training Room B08
25 September 2015 1400 - 1700 ISD Training Room B08

Cost: Free for all staff on the UCL payroll

How to Book: Booking Form

OD Course Contact: Zara Chaudhry

See also:

UCL policy requires that all members of interview panels to have received training in fair recruitment. This requirement is met by attending the Recruitment and Selection HR Policy Briefing