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Working at UCL

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UCL is an exciting and dynamic place to work, attracting staff and students from around the world and contributing through our academic activities to world-leading research and teaching across a range of disciplines. Whatever your role within the university there is the opportunity to participate in the life of the institution, contributing to your field and sampling what UCL and Bloomsbury have to offer.

Our Terms and Conditions Employee Benefits
Computer Access IT services for Researchers
Keeping your Personal Details up to Date Library
Museums and Collections Bars, Cafes and Gym Facilities
Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) Getting About the Local Area
Equality and Diversity Financial Policies, Procedures, Regulations and Expenses Claims

Our Terms and Conditions

Details of UCL’s contractual terms and conditions of employment.

Employee Benefits

In addition to salary, UCL provides staff with an attractive range of services and benefits, including access to the Bloomsbury Fitness Centre and ongoing development activities. Details can be found below.

Computer Access

You will need one or more passwords to access your mail and our computer services and may also want to work remotely or to use our virtual learning environment. The following links show you how to do so.

IT Services for Researchers

UCL’s Information Services Division provides a wide range of services to assist researchers in their work.

  • Your UCL Profile.
    IRIS (Institutional Research Information Service) is a one-stop shop for information on research activity at UCL. It provides free and open access to UCL researcher profiles including contact details, list of research activities and themes, a full publications list etc.  Providing and maintaining a comprehensive profile in IRIS will allow collaborators from both inside and outside of UCL to easily identify you and your work.

    For help on how to use IRIS and complete your profile with a biography, research summary etc. please look at the IRIS on-line help pages

  • Your Publications List
    UCL's Research Publications Service (RPS) allows you to maintain a full list of your publications, and to comply with UCL's Publications Policy, and with the open access requirements for the next Research Excellence Framework (REF). You must create and manage data related to your publications, and upload your accepted manuscripts through RPS, within 3 months of acceptance. Papers that do not comply cannot be submitted to the REF.

    For more information on how to make your papers open access for the next REF, see UCL’s open access webpages. For help completing your RPS profile with a biography, research summary etc. please look at the RPS help pages.

  • Assistance with other Research IT Services
    To find out the range of Research IT Services available that include Research Software Development, Research Computing Platform Services, Research Data Services, Training etc. please contact or look at the RITS web site.

Keeping your Personal Details up to Date

You can input or amend your personal details using MyView.


UCL Library Services offers a range of services including e-Journals, e-Books, borrowing services and digital collections.

Museums and Collections

UCL’s museums hold outstanding collections covering a wide variety of disciplines and reflecting the range of the university’s work.

Bars, Cafes and Gym Facilities

UCL offers a range of facilities to staff and students, including bars ,cafes and gym facilities.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

UCL provides a free and confidential, Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) from Workplace Options, an independent, provider of employee support services. Their staff are specialists in fields such as counselling, well-being, family matters, relationships, debt management, workplace issues, and much more.

The Local Area

UCL’s main campus is located in Bloomsbury, at the heart of London and at the centre of one of the most extensive concentrations of educational and research facilities in the world.

Equality and Diversity

The Equality and Diversity team advise on issues relating to race, gender, religion and belief, sexual orientation and disability, also other equalities initiatives at UCL such as the Athena SWAN Charter scheme.

UCL Finance Policies, Procedures and Regulations

UCL’s Financial Regulations set out the responsibilities and policies for financial management and control within UCL. Their purpose is to provide control over the totality of UCL’s resources and provide management with assurance that the resources are being properly applied for the achievement of UCL’s strategic plan. 

The regulations cover all financial matters, from minor purchases out of petty cash to major expenditure on building projects. They apply to UCL and all its subsidiary undertakings. In some areas, UCL has detailed financial and purchasing procedures which set out precisely how these regulations will be implemented and these should be followed in all instances.

Compliance with financial regulations and associated procedures is compulsory for all staff, students and visitors connected with the UCL.  Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action. It is the responsibility of Senior Managers to ensure that their staff are made aware of the existence and content of UCL’s financial regulations and understand and comply with them.

UCL Expenses Policy
UCL’s Expenses Policy sets out what constitutes a genuine expense and how a claim can be made. Before making or approving a claim you should read the relevant sections to ensure that the claim is compliant with the policy.


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