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What Do We Do ?
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Work Related Immunisation

Certain UCL staff groups, who because of the nature of their work, could be accidentally exposed, to biological agents, may be at risk of infection.
These staff groups have been identified as those who:

If, despite safe systems of work (e.g. good laboratory practice), the risk of infection remains and effective vaccines are available, UCL OH Service will offer vaccinations to those employees who are not already immune.

Local risk assessment and subsequent implementation of safe systems of work should minimise risk of exposure as far as is reasonably practical. Immunisation should never be regarded as a substitute for good laboratory practice, although it provides additional protection.

Staff should also familiarise themselves with UCL’s Policy for the Accidental Exposure to Human Blood or Body Fluids

More information can be found at the Health and Safety Executive website at http://www.hse.gov.uk/healthservices/needlesticks/index.htm?ebul=hsegen/25-feb-2008&cr=13