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What Do We Do ?
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Manager and self referrals

The Occupational Health service provides advice for staff on adjustments to work to prevent or reduce the risk of work related health problems.  If you require treatment, investigations or specialist referral, you will also need to consult your GP.

If you are concerned that work is affecting your health or that a health problem is affecting your ability to do your job you can arrange a referral for occupational health advice.

It is important that you discuss any problems you are having with work with your manager. You can do this in a general way explaining the effect on your work; you do not necessarily have to disclose personal information. Your manager can then refer you for Occupational Health Advice. This will ensure that your manager is aware of your situation and is able to provide suitable workplace support. Information on Management Referrals can be found on the Manager Referral web page.

You may also refer yourself directly to the Occupational Health Service, but for the reasons given above we encourage you to also discuss problems with your manager. Please complete and email/send the self referral form to ohsadmin@ucl.ac.uk or Occupational Health Administration Team, Occupational Health Service, Gower Street, London. WC1E 6BT. Self Referral form.

Whatever the route of referral we will advise your manager, with your consent, if any adjustments to your work need to be considered.  Advice given to your manager will not contain confidential medical detail, without your consent, but will be concerned with advice on the types of adjustments that might be required to the work equipment, tasks or environment.

Self referral if you are part of a Health Surveillance programme
If you are part of a regular health surveillance programme for work place hazards, then you will have received information on how and when to contact the occupational health service if you are concerned about your health in relation to your work. http://www.ucl.ac.uk/hr/occ_health/what_do_we_do/occ_health_surveillance.php

For investigation and treatment of health problems you will need to use primary care services: