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What Do We Do ?
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Information Leaflet for Staff Referred by their Manager to the Occupational Health Service

The Occupational Health Service provides professional, specialist advice to employees and managers on:

The UCL Occupational Health Service (OHS) aims to support managers and staff in the identification of health risks arising from work activity and issues that affect well-being and performance at work. The OHS provides confidential, objective advice both to the referring manager and to the employee.

Following the referral of an employee to the OHS, an appointment will be made for a consultation with an Occupational Physician (OP) or Occupational Health Nurse Adviser (OHA). A report will then be sent to the referring manager. OHS reports advise managers in general terms and are concerned with the effects of a health problem on an individual's ability to work and advice on adjustments to work. Confidential details of an employee's medical conditions and treatment are not disclosed without consent.

Managers may refer staff to the Occupational Health Service in the following cases:

A health problem or disability may be affecting an employee's work performance or attendance

The OHS provides advice on the health issues affecting attendance. Managers are required to make written referrals with the full knowledge and consent of the employee. Advice given to the manager is concerned with matters of employment and an individual's fitness to work. Advice may include:

If further medical information is needed, the OHS may ask the employee for consent, under the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988, to obtain a medical report from the doctor providing their care or treatment. Once the individual has returned to work, if appropriate, the OHS will monitor progress and provide further advice as necessary.

An employee's health problem appears to be arising from work activity
The OHS advises on prevention or early detection of health problems arising from the work. The OHS will advise on adjustments to the work activity, environment, hours or tasks to prevent ill health arising from work activity.

An employee is returning to work following a period of health or disability related absence
The OHS will advise managers on the employee's fitness to return to work and advise the employee on strategies for achieving optimum health and a return to normal work activity.
Advice may include temporary or permanent adjustments to the work, task, hours or environment that might be considered to support an effective return to work.