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What Do We Do ?

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Health surveillance and job hazard identification at job offer

UCL policy on Recruitment and Selection

The aim of surveillance is:

Routine on-employment health surveillance is undertaken following a job offer on the following UCL staff groups:

N.B. Staff with patient contact or who have access to NHS patient records will also require Occupational Health clearance from the relevant NHS Trust to ensure compliance with the Trust's infection control policies and associated health-screening procedures and may require a 'research passport'. The employee’s supervisor or line manager will decide if this is required.

Supervisor / Manager’s Responsibilities


The OHS outcome report will advise when:

Service standards

The Occupational Health team will review the completed job hazard form and contact the employee to make that appointment within two working days of receipt of job hazard form.

If the employee is not contactable or does not attend for an appointment, the manager will be informed within 2 working days.

Once the employee has attended their appointment, OHS will inform the manager (or designated contact) of any relevant health surveillance outcomes within 2 working days.

The manager is responsible for ensuring that new employees have attended the Occupational Health Service (OHS) for relevant immunisation or health surveillance within 4 weeks of starting work and before starting work with laboratory allergens.

Download Job Hazard Form here.