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What Do We Do ?
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Drivers Health Screening

The Health and Safety at Work etc., Act 1974 requires UCL to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of all employees while at work, and to ensure that other people are not put at risk by any work related activities.

The Occupational Health Service (OHS) provides baseline (pre- placement / assignment), and appropriate subsequent health screening for all staff members who drive on behalf of UCL.

The term "Manager" will be used in reference to the nominated UCL staff member responsible for the health and safety of employees who drive on behalf UCL; "Driver" will be used in reference to employees who are required to drive for UCL

Manager’s Responsibilities:


Baseline Health Screening

Pre Placement Health Screening

Please see 'What do we do?' for further information regarding the pre-placement health screening process.

Pre-Assignment Health Screening

For staff already employed by UCL who are now required to drive on behalf of UCL.

The Manager will complete and return a job hazard identification form to the OHS. On receipt of the form, the OHS will contact the Manager / Driver to offer an appointment with an occupational health nurse adviser (OHA)

Subsequent Health Screening

Routine reassessment

The OHS will contact the driver by letter when routine screening is next due. The OHS will make 2 attempts to contact the driver and if unsuccessful, the Manager will be informed of the lack of response.

Health Screening following Changes in the Driver’s Health

The Manager must provide the Driver(s) with a "Supplementary Screening Questionnaire" if:

The Driver must return the completed questionnaire directly to the OHS.

An outcome report will be issued to the Manager indicating if the Driver remains "fit to drive" or if further screening is needed before an opinion on fitness can be given.


The OHS report will generally advise on the:

Service Standards

Appointments for pre-placement assessments are offered within five working days of receiving a referral form.

Appointments for routine follow-up health screening are offered within ten working days of the Driver making contact with the OHS.

Appointments for health screening changes in a Driver’s health, if needed, are offered within five working days of receiving a completed "Supplementary Screening Questionnaire".

An outcome report is sent to the Manager and copied to the Finance Division (with Driver’s consent) within 2 working days of assessment. If necessary, an immediate verbal report can be provided.


Job Hazard Identification Form

Supplementary Health Questionnaire

"Safe Driving Guidelines for People Driving on Behalf of UCL"