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UCL Staff News

Mayor launches T-charge for “dirtiest” polluting vehicles during UCL nursery visit


Sadiq Khan, London’s Mayor, marked the start of his T-charge on vehicles to combat city pollution by visiting UCL’s nursery in Bloomsbury.

UCL researchers help inspire Scotland’s new laws to ban smacking


The decision by the Scottish government to ban smacking has been welcomed by UCL researchers whose report into the damage caused to children by physical punishment played a key part in framing the proposed new legislation.

UCL’s teaching successes highlighted in study of national rankings


UCL has been singled out for key features of its teaching including its focus on student employability, curriculum innovations and humility in an analysis of the recent nationwide assessment of universities’ teaching quality.

UCL lecturer is star witness in BBC Moral Maze on abortion law


UCL hosted BBC’s flagship ethical programme The Moral Maze this week to mark 50 years of the Abortion Act with a lecturer from the university’s Faculty of Laws acting as a specialist witness to the panel.

UCL among world’s super-elite for law, education and social sciences


UCL has reaffirmed its status as a world-leading university in law, education and social sciences in the latest round of rankings published by the Times Higher Education (THE).

UCL professor and director of new institute wins top economics prize


UCL professor Mariana Mazzucato has been awarded one of the world’s top economics prizes for her groundbreaking work on the role of governments in innovation.

Science and the dilemma of death explored in groundbreaking new exhibition

2017-10-03 : Ruth Howells

UCL Culture is launching its latest groundbreaking exhibition What does it mean to be human? Curating Heads this week in the Octagon Gallery, Wilkins Building, UCL. Bringing together UCL scientific expertise with poignant philosophical and ethical debate, the exhibition will provide visitors with a unique insight into the meaning of human existence and the role of the body after death.

Programme of research and education launched in Lebanon

2017-10-02 : Rowan Walker

Academics from UCL today joined the Prime Minister of Lebanon, Saad Hariri, to launch a new Centre for research and learning, focused on growth and prosperity in Lebanon.

UCL professor and sculptor Edward Allington dies


Sculptor, artist and UCL professor Edward Allington who taught and inspired a generation of artists including some of Britain’s most famous modern sculptors has died at the age of 66.

UCL academics presenting at New Scientist live

2017-09-27 : Chris Lane

Numerous UCL academics will be presenting at New Scientist Live this week, the second annual edition of a festival of ideas taking place at ExCeL London.

UK pledges £65million to the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment

2017-09-21 : Rebecca L Caygill

The UK is investing £65million in a US-based global science project involving UCL scientists that could change our understanding of the universe.

UCL unveils stunning social space at heart of campus

2017-09-20 : Ruth Howells

An innovative new outdoor space located in the middle of UCL’s Bloomsbury campus formally opens today, marking a key milestone in the delivery of the university’s ambitious Transforming UCL project.

UCL’s radical approach to economics teaching sparks a global trend

2017-09-19 : Jacinta M Mulders

A new approach to teaching economics in universities and pioneered at UCL is spreading throughout the world and has earned plaudits from commentators, academics and students. Anyone anywhere in the world has access for free to the ebook The Economy produced by a global collaboration of economists. This month, to complement the free ebook, Oxford University Press will publish a physical book.

Size matters in the detection of exoplanet atmospheres

2017-09-19 : Rebecca L Caygill

A group-analysis of 30 exoplanets orbiting distant stars suggests that size, not mass, is a key factor in whether a planet’s atmosphere can be detected according to a UCL-led team of European researchers.

UCL ranked in world's top five universities for arts and humanities


UCL has been ranked fifth in the world for arts and humanities in the latest league table published by The Times Higher Education.

Explaining bursts of activity in brains of preterm babies

2017-09-12 : Rebecca L Caygill

The source of spontaneous, high-amplitude bursts of activity seen in the brains of preterm babies, which are vital for healthy development, has been identified by a team led by researchers at UCL and King’s College London.

UCL in world's top 20 universities for employability of graduates

2017-09-11 : Jacinta M Mulders

UCL has been ranked among the best 20 universities in the world for the employability of its graduates in the QS global rankings of 500 institutions published today.

Hopes for deal on EU research rise as Provost mounts Brussels mission


Hopes for continued close research links between the UK and the EU after Brexit have risen after a top EU commissioner declared that securing a deal on it is “a no brainer”.

Music strikes a chord with great writers

2017-09-06 : Rowan Walker

Music is identified as a key influence on great poets and novelists of the past century in a landmark book by Professor Dominic Wyse (UCL Institute of Education). The book, "How Writing Works" is being discussed at the British Educational Research Association’s (BERA) conference this week.

UCL ranked in world's top 20 "super-elite" universities


UCL has confirmed its position among the top 20 “super-elite” universities in the world, according to the Times Higher Education ’s ( THE ) annual rankings published today.

Universities can’t afford to lose top academics

2017-09-04 : Rowan Walker

Global rankings will show this week that the UK’s leading universities are among the best in the world but it is a position that will be threatened if, as a result of Brexit, we lose these very academics who have helped put us there.

Children should be encouraged to enjoy 'wild' swimming

2017-09-04 : Rowan Walker

Keeping young children away from perceived risky activities such as wild outdoor swimming is damaging, according to education expert Dr Sandra Leaton Gray (UCL Institute of Education). 

Impressive first GCSE results for UCL Academy

2017-08-24 : Ruth Howells

UCL has congratulated the students and staff of UCL Academy after they achieved an impressive set of GCSE results. The Class of 2017 joined the school when it opened in 2012, so they are the first pupils to take GCSEs.

11 minutes of mindfulness training helps drinkers cut back


Brief training in mindfulness strategies could help heavy drinkers start to cut back on alcohol consumption, finds a new UCL study.

UCL statement on student accommodation costs

2017-07-10 : Ruth Howells

UCL has reached a resolution on student accommodation costs following engagement with the student body and UCLU.