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Advertise a UCL vacancy

Recruiting managers can search the database to review CVs of redeployees and alert them to vacancies they are, or will be, advertising on UCL's redeployment jobs page.

UCL Redeployment Pool

Checklist before placing an advert

The following must have been granted and provided before the advertisement can be activated:

1. Financial Approval
Financial approval must have been granted, with the exception of grant funded positions, and the financial approval reference number provided. Financial approval is valid for a period of 3 months from date of issue.

2. HERA reference / name of replacement
For all positions (except Academic, Research and Teaching) either a HERA number or the name of the replacement must be provided. These are checked to ensure that the grade assigned corresponds with the grade on the advert. Where there are any discrepancies a query will be raised. Where the HERA number is not known, please contact HR Advisory Services by email:

3. Marie Curie researchers – UCL European Office clearance
Marie Curie trainees and researchers have specific eligibility and salary arrangements. Please see link below for further information.

For further guidance on HR checks on the content of the adverts, please click here.

The current service standard from receipt of the advert to review by the ECA Team is 5 working days. If any required information is missing or incorrect, this may delay your advert from being published.

The current service standard for external advert placement from receipt of email notification is 3 working days.

Click here to access the Online Recruitment System

Please note: You will need to have received confirmation of your online recruitment account prior to being able to access the system.