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Advertise a UCL vacancy


Prior to placing your advertisement, please ensure that you have checked the UCL redeployment pool for staff who might be able to fill your role.

UCL Redeployment Pool


Prior to advertising please ensure that the role holds a relevant HERA number (except Teaching, Research and Academic roles), the redeployment database has been checked, the vacancy released (redeployment) and that the salary reflects the currently UCL salary scale

The current service standard from receipt of the advert to review by the HR Process Team is 72 hours.

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Please note: You will need to have received confirmation of your online recruitment account prior to being able to access the system.

Anonymisation of Application Forms
Anonymising candidate names has become an established practice in other sectors and is widely regarded as a key element of fair recruitment practices.

From 23 April 2014, the UCL online recruitment system ROME will automatically anonymise application forms for all administrative, technical and manual positions. Applicants will only be identified by their candidate number and they will also no longer be able to attach CVs or other attachments to their application.

These changes do not apply to academic, research or teaching positions. Once short-listing has taken place and ROME is used to invite an applicant to interview, the anonymisation function will automatically switch off and at this point the candidates name will become visible.

Click here to view the Quick Reference Guide : Anonymisation