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Green Champions Meeting 17th July 2008 Torrington Place

Present: Anne Skinner
Aileen Bransfield
Catherine de Lacy

1. Apologies : Sarah Wilson, Mark Rice, Ajay Patel, Laura Tomson

2. Where we are: Catherine de Lacy has been appointed as the lead on Green issues within HR division and will attend UCL Green meetings to feed back actions and ideas from HR. This meeting was held in order to establish what activities HR division are currently taking on Environmental issues and in conjunction with UCL initiative “You have the Power” to reduce UCL carbon emissions by 10% by 2013.

Current actions include, switching off lights, a vastly reduced number of paper pay slips, re- cycling bins, and sending back printer cartridges.

Please note from 1st August 2008 the waste and cleaning contracts are changing.

Torrington Place will be cleaned by Office and General. The main difference will be that the normal desk bins will become mingled recycling bins and will have clear bags. However, food, food contaminated waste and polystyrene CAN NOT be put in these bins so a black bagged bin will be provided for this.

90 Tottenham Court Rd should carry on doing what they are doing at present as the cleaning is provided by the landlord

Health Centre cleaning and waste will be carried out “in house” and the bin scheme will be the same as Torrington Place.

3) Ideas:

a) Paper – Currently 50 reams of paper a month are being ordered for Torrington place and 10 for the Health Centre. As one ream of paper uses 6% of a tree and 17 reams = 100% of a tree we think it would be a good idea to look at paper usage as a measurable target and if possible move to use recycled non chlorine bleached paper. It would be helpful if each area champion could assess paper use in their areas and encourage, "Think before you Print", two pages to 1 sheet printing and where possible double sided printing and re-use some paper as scrape.
Action all area champions

b) Energy- Under the "You have the Power" initiative all buildings will be assessed for energy use/waste and be issued with an energy certificate.
Website: www.ucl.ac.uk/youhavethepower/
The assessment for HR buildings has yet to be advised but there is a plan to make windows in Torrington Place opening windows timescale to be advised. ADS are working on the possibility of switching off computers over night. The policy on recycling computers will be verified with ADS
Action CDL

c) Cleaning materials – Eco friendly cleaning products will be ordered where possible

d) To aid communication and to encourage the flow of ideas, it would be helpful if area champions could add Green issues to their team meeting agendas
Action all area champions

e) Terms of Reference – CDL to consult Sarah Brant HR Director

f) HR Green page – to be added to HR intranet CDL to consult Sarah Brant HR Director

g) Recycled furniture – to raise awareness of what is available possibly through HR green page

h) Showers for cyclists- difficult to find information regarding these. One on first floor of Torrington Place others in South Junction. Please advise if you know of others.

i) Friends of the Earth Scotland office audit –may be useful if the area champions have time to draw up a baseline for their department using this on line audit as a tool, it can be found at www.green-office.org.uk/audit.php

j) CDL to send out Green newsletter to all HR

AOB discussed during main meeting

Date of next meeting – to be confirmed possibly after next UCL wide meeting in October